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Bachelor’s and Master’s theses

For your Bachelor's or Master's thesis or student research project, we can offer exciting topics from current development areas to the latest finite element technologies in LS-DYNA. Especially for performing crash simulations, LS-DYNA is one of the world's leading finite element programs and is used in this field by many automobile manufacturers. There are also a variety of other problem classes that can be tackled successfully with LS-DYNA using its implicit capabilities or the coupling capabilities of the structural solver to fluid, thermal, electromagnetism and particle solvers.

The DYNAmore Group is an internationally operating company working in the field of finite element simulation and software development with a customer database comprised of many of the leading automotive companies and suppliers as well as various other branches of industries. In view of our customers, the name DYNAmore has become a synonym for innovation and creativity as well as reliable and service-oriented work methods over the past successful 17 years.

Typical topics for your thesis or student project include, but are not limited to

  • Comparison of new simulation techniques
  • Material modeling of plastics, metals, etc. including failure
  • Matching material models with experiments
  • Modeling of point- and line-type connections
  • Process simulation of welding or sheet metal forming
  • Influence of the production chain on serviceability
  • Optimization and Robustness Investigations
  • Multiphysics and Biomechanics

Depending on the chosen topic, your thesis is carried out either at your university or college, the DYNAmore office in Dublin, Ohio or at the premises of our customers.

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