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Two new engineers hired – DYNAmore grows dynamically

The DYNAmore GmbH from Germany has successfully ventured its first steps on another continent with the establishment of the DYNAmore Corporation in the Dublin, Ohio. This step to the United States was important to directly offer high-end engineering solutions and first-class general consultancy on the FE-Solver LS-DYNA as well as the other products of the Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC) and the DYNAmore group.

The recent growth of the company confirms that this step was the right decision. While seven months ago there were only two senior engineers providing on-site consultancy for Honda R&D Americas, Inc., they are now backed up by two newly hired engineers Kenneth Freeman and Thomas Weckesser. This step was necessary to adequately serve the growing customer database and to be present at simulation conferences like the 15th International LS-DYNA Conference in Dearborn or the 37th International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference in Waterloo, Canada. The growing interest in our services is also reflected by the tailored training classes that have been already booked.

With this attitude, the company has set the course to successfully establish itself in the US market in the future and to sustain this position on the long term.

Posted on 2018-05-25 15:42:40.