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Successful participation at the International LS-DYNA Conference

Around 35 colleagues from the DYNAmore group as well as more than 950 other registered attendees enjoyed a successfull meeting at the 15th LS-DYNA International Conference. The conference was held from 10-12 June 2018 and was organized by the Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) as well as DYNAmore and Dalian Fukun Technology Development Corporation. The event was rounded off by pre and post conference training classes on LS-DYNA that were given the days before and after the conference. The venue was again the Edward Hotel & Convention Center located in Dearborn, MI, which is in viewing distance from the Ford World Headquarters and not far from GM and Chrysler. Thus, it was not surprising to find hundreds of engineers from Ford, GM and Chrysler present.

During the two-day conference over 200 papers and plenary talks were given. Many presentations were on new and upcoming technology in LS-DYNA directly from LSTC developers. As a CAE-engineer it is pure gold to get an early peek of what is going to be included in LS-DYNA in the near future. For instance, LSTC engineers are now developing a massive parallel implicit direct solver and they demonstrated new groundbreaking results of LS-DYNA running non-linear implicit simulation models with 66 million elements that are still scaling to several thousands of CPU cores. Also impressive were the new developments on isogeometric analysis as well as multiphysics for application fields in the biomedical sector, like the electrophysiological model of a human heart.

Due to the huge amount of presentations, a complete review is impossible to provide as the covered topics range from automotive over aerospace to defense, production and biomedical. Fortunately, the conference proceedings papers contain a lot of the information from the presentations which are now available at www.dynalook.com for download.

The DYNAmore Corporation was also present with a highly recognized paper on bolt modeling in LS-DYNA using explicit and implicit time integration, which was written in collaboration with Honda R&D Americas. The goal of this presentation was to collect modeling guidelines for the simulation of friction grip bolts. The summary paper, presentation slides as well as the presented input decks for bolt types a) through d) can be downloaded at www.dynaexamples.com.

Posted on 2018-06-22 15:07:34.