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Integrated post data management system for tests and simulations.

CAViT provides users simultaneous access to simulation and test data. The system offers assessments of CAE and test results on the basis of key results and given rating schemes. CAViT comes with an interface for integrating any third-party application for report generation, visualization of post data or any evaluation process.


The system offers an integrated view of test and simulation data.


Views, rating schemes, categorizations and layout of the graphical user interface can be customized in almost any detail.


CAViT provides an automated rating of test and simulation key results based on threshold values for specific scenarios.

Scripting interface & reporting

CAViT facilitates an environment for integrating third-party tools, generating reports, and all forms of process automation.


All data in the system are assigned to a particular point in time. A graphical time line enables the user to jump in time easily and access the data according to that specific time.


  • Provides test and simulation data from different sources
  • Evaluation, comparison and visualization
  • Open system for integration of any post processor
  • Individual configuration by means of a plug-in concept
  • Rich client concept with local caching for excellent performance

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