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The innovative simulation data-management solution for your CAE data and processes.

LoCo offers users a perfect working environment for their daily engineering tasks. Access to simulation and process data is easy. There are no limitations on sharing model data or related documentation – either within your company or with your business partners. Sophisticated role-based access management and high security features ensure confidentiality.

LoCo applies several new approaches to simulation data and process management, such as strict offline capabilities with permanent synchronization of relevant data, consistent version management of all objects involved by means of simulation models and processes, novel ontology-based approaches for component assembly, and easy customizability. LoCo is an open system for the integration of any third party or in-house CAE product, such as pre-/post-processors, FE solvers, queuing systems, process scripts, etc.

Key features

  • Unique rich client/offline architecture with advanced synchronization technology
  • Quality check of simulation models
  • Complete documentation of development history
  • Extensive version management of all data objects
  • Open system for integrating any third-party application
  • Integration of optimization, design of experiments
  • (DOE) and robustness studies
  • Data security: strong authentication and encryption
  • Latest technologies for data compression
  • Advanced and flexible role-based access management
  • Extensive configuration and customization capabilities


  • Solution for simulation data and process management
  • Collaborative development at distributed locations with shared FEM models
  • Integration of CAE processes and solvers
  • Model and load case assembly
  • High data security

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