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Management of requirements and status tracking for your product development.

Status.E is a client server application for managing requirements within the product- development process. The software supports project managers in monitoring the development status. Status.E is available as a WebClient and as native clients for Windows and iOS.

Specification of project targets

All relevant targets are defined in Status.E when setting up a new project.

Project monitoring

Simulation and test results are the basis for monitoring. The project status is evaluated by comparing current results with predefined targets. The overall project status is obtained by the status aggregation of all subordinated requirements.

Individual representation of project status

Areas of interest can be focused based on single project targets. Filtering makes it possible to hide less interesting areas. Views can be shared among colleagues.


Monitoring reports can be generated as PPT slides or displayed as a live demonstration.


Project states can be saved at any time and are available via an easy-to-use time-line toolbar.


Any documents can be attached to project evaluations and made globally available to all users (document-management system).


  • Status monitoring of product development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Specification of requirements
  • Document management system
  • Reports as PPtX & XLsX

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