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LS-DYNA Consulting

The DYNAmore Group is fully dedicated to the finite element solver LS-DYNA as well as the other software tools of the Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC). These are the optimization softwares LS-OPT and LS-TaSC as well as the pre- and post-processor LS-PrePost. The DYNAmore Group is also the LS-DYNA Master Distributor in Europe and thus, provides full technical support to most of the LS-DYNA and LS-OPT users in central Europe.

Moreover, several members of the DYNAmore Group are also co-developers of LS-DYNA, LS-OPT and LS-PrePost such that we have a deep understanding of what is going on in the code and what the software is able to do. This is of great help when providing answers to the sometimes not-so-easy-to-answer questions of our customers. Have a look at our FEA engineering section to find out more about our main application fields.

If you are also interested in receiving professional LS-DYNA consulting services from us, please contact us for further information. With our office in Dublin, Ohio, we are now able to directly serve the North American continent.

LS-DYNA help pages

There are a number of support pages available that are designed to help you answer questions on LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-TaSC and LS-PrePost. Some of them are hosted by the Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) alone and some are hosted by LSTC and the DYNAmore Group together.

The LS-DYNA support site provides answers to basic and advanced questions that might occur while using LS-DYNA. It contains tutorials, FAQ, manuals and release notes.

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The LS-DYNA examples site provides basic and advanced input decks for LS-DYNA taken from classes or uploaded by the developers to explain new features.

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This library hosts more than 2000 proceeding papers from European and International LS-DYNA User Conferences as well as papers that were provided by other users.

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The LS-OPT support site contains everything needed to get started with LS-OPT as well as how to expand your knowledge. You will find tutorials, examples, FAQ, manuals and release notes.

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The LS-PrePost support site offers all you need to know for pre and post-processing beyond the built in tutorials and documentation. You will find more tutorials, class notes and executables.

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The Livermore Software Technologie Corporation (LSTC) is the inventor of LS-DYNA. Needless to say that you will find lots of useful information on recent developments and sales.

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