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Material Testing

The quality of simulation results and their reliability is usually only as good as the agreement of the involved material laws with experimental data. This is especially true in the case of simulations exhibiting plastic strains or even material failure.

In our laboratory in Stuttgart, Germany, we are specialized on the material characterization of metals, polymers and composites. Customers from all over the world send us their material samples and we perform static as well as dynamic tests on them. Thereafter, we can either recommend a suitable material card for LS-DYNA or proceed with your individual choice and determine an optimal set of material parameters using the LS-OPT optimization software. Herein, our new full field calibration method, which is based digital image correlation to identify the material parameters, has been delivering promising results.

Our services include

  • Isotropic, anisotropic and rate dependent materials
  • Damage characterization and GISSMO failure optimization
  • Full-field optical motion measurement for strain determination
  • Tension, compression and bending tests (quasi static / dynamic)

And our testing equipment includes

  • Shimadzu tensile testing machine with maximal force of 100 kN
  • 4a Impetus pendulum testing machine for dynamic tests
  • Climate chamber with control over temperature and humidity
  • ARAMIS 3D high-presicion motion and deformation measurement system

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