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Method Development

The DYNAmore Group is an experienced partner for CAE method development. With our extensive connections to universities and research institutions we keep pace with the latest trends and are able to put the ideas directly in practice with our code development team.

This is usually done in close cooperation with our customers which allows us to tailer CAE methods exactly to their needs. Our typical area of expertise includes material and failure modeling, connection modeling, process chains and simulation data management.

Development projects of the past include but are not limited to:

  • Spot weld, rivet and other connection models
  • Damage and fracture models, i.e. GISSMO
  • Constitutive models to describe fracture of laminated glass,
    unreinforced, short fiber and endless fiber reinforced polymers
  • Mapping algorithms to enable seamless computation of the component
    manufacturing in the process chain
  • Realistic simulation of air-bag unfolding/expansion
    including fluid-structure interaction
  • Procedures for the simulation of airbag folding processes
  • Modelling techniques for the assessment of whiplash injuries
  • Active hood systems for pedestrian protection
  • Splashing and sloshing in vehicle tanks
  • Multi-physic characteristics of hot stamping processes
    including quenching and phase changes
  • Advanced identification and calibration methods for
    material models with full-field calibration
  • Assess the numerical stability of large scale simulations
    on thousands of computing cores

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