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Passive Safety

As development times decrease, safety requirements and restraint systems complexity continue to increase. Highly predictive occupant models represent essential tools for car manufacturers to tackle this challenge. The LS-DYNA solver in combination with the comprehensive availability of dummy models provide the perfect work environment to simulate occupant load cases. As multi-body-systems software tools have been replaced ten years ago by finite element solvers, LS-DYNA has been established as the new standard in passive safety analysis for many car manufactures. Together with our customers we were able to form this standard therby creating expertise and knowledge.

With our experienced team where the members have a strong background in finite element analysis and computational mechanics, the solution to your simulation problems could be only a fingertip away. Whether you consult us to debug your models or improve their efficiency and robustness or you simply hire us to perform simulations for you, we are confident that you will be just as satisfied as the many other customers we have served in the past.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to safety applications in the following areas:

  • Superior knowledge in dummy model application and usage
  • Development of occupant load cases
  • Model correlation to hardware tests
  • Extensive experience in application of airbag models
  • Optimization of restraint system parameters
  • Human body model analysis
  • Support in thinking outside of the box: autonomous drive

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