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Stress Analysis

Beyond crash and passive safety analysis, there are a manifold of stress analysis problems that need to be solved on component level or during a longer time span and LS-DYNA offers a well-equipped toolkit to cope with these problems. Over the years LS-DYNA has become well known for its capabilities of performing nonlinear, transient dynamic finite element analysis using explicit time integration. Also over the years, the implicit solver of LS-DYNA has matured to meet the industry standard and lies even beyond that for certain applications. Following this, we are able to address many of the typical applications where you need to perform stress or failure analysis to improve your product. Many members of the DYNAmore Group have been working with LS-DYNA for more than 20 years such that we are confident to offer solutions to your problems both fast and at a reasonable price.

Loadcases we have worked on in the past include

  • Drop test analysis
  • Service loadcases
  • Misuse loadcases
  • Ultimate strength loadcases

Customers we have worked with in the field of stress analysis manufacture

  • Consumer goods
  • Power tools
  • Medical devices
  • Electronic control units
  • Test rigs
  • Automotive doors (doorsag)
  • Aotomotive Seats (seatpull)
  • Seatbelts (pullout test)
  • Gearwheels and other mechanisms

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